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Yeah that's the Slather and Rub Video

In that video I note that the reason for peeling off that silverskin was for rub penetrating and smoke penetrating. It is difficult for smoke and rub to penetrate this. Of course look at the bottom of my ribs in that pic.. they got a ring.

If you have your temp out of the jerky making range, use vinegar sprays and re-salt when you flip and keep an eye on your weeps, you will have no problem with spice penetration. Salt carries flavor and smoke.

Of course don't do this for competitions as the judges will freak out, remember a comp rib is judged by one rib usually for taste.... mine are judged by the rack so its not as crucial for those slim margins at contests.

I have no prob with taste and NEVER a dry rib. I don't foil either.

I do have a friend that does them bone down first then flips and pulls the skin off and then seasons and smokes the rest of the way. Good stuff

Oh and my loins are called "Break My heart Loinbacks" because I use a low country recipe that breaks all the rules of tradition. You will note I glazed them. I mean EVERY RULE. Cept deep frying.

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Looks good to me. I have always removed the silver skin on BB's and spares.

From what I saw on another video of yours you say that removing it is only for the purpose of rub penetration and leaving it on adds moisture to the rib? Just curious on the take.

Oh, and Rosie Gaines is incredible.
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