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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
What Tony doesn't also mention thats needed for vending.....
HD permit and inspection.
Check your municipality where your vending, they may require a seperate permit or just a fee.
Where are you vending? There may be a charge for the spot!
Insurance.........Million minimum!!
Still want to vend??
Good luck bro and ask questions anytime!
My wife and I sat down with the local HD this afternoon. I was amazed at how easy it all seemed to be. The inspector (only one inspector in our entire town) said that we can certify a vending/concession trailer for use as a comissary as long as we take it home each night and park it in a covered area with a concrete pad (we'll use our garage). She said we could store food in the trailer, or use a refrigerator in our garage as long as we didn't use the refrigerator for anything else. My wife has already taken the HD mandatory class since she already caters and is good for 4 more years. We are mainly looking at vending for fairs and festivals but have 3 great spots for weekend vending once the weather gets nicer. Haven't checked insurance yet, but I'm sure that I'm in for a surprise! The permit fee for our town is only $35.00.
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