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I will have my trailer set up in a business parking lot across from a home depot starting in December. I simply approached the business owner about the idea and he agreed. He had a Cajun food vender there in the past so I'm sure that helped in allowing me to get set up there. He is allowing me to install a temporary power pole there, similar to what you see a contractor put on a new lot when building a house. He has a water spigot there i can use to fill my water tanks as long as the health dept approves it. If you would like specifics on what I'm paying to be there you can PM me.

I tried getting set up at a lowes before this location. I had to call their corporate HQ and speak with them. I never could get them to fully understand what I was wanting to do. They were trying to get me to fill out some form that would get me on a list of suppliers. I dnt remember the exact details of it but I finally gave up. This other location is really the one I wanted anyway.
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