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This WAS a vending question....wasn't it???

Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
Next weekend we will be charging

$6 sandwich
$8 sandwich combo (chips and soda)
$12 dinner (1 meat, two sides, bread)
$14 big dinner (2 meats, 2 sides bread)

We're serving Pulled Pork, Chopped Chicken, St. Louis ribs, Tri-tip and Links. Sides are Tater salad, coleslaw and beans.
Great menu Neil but WOW, highway robbery!! j/k
Chips and soda for $2 more?

The idea of a combo is to get more for a better price.
Pop costs me .40 and chips .20 so we go a dollar more for a combo. I would think people would think your ripping them off for 2 dollars more.

You need to see whats going in your area.
It's pretty sad here in Michigan, but i still want to sell them PP sammies, so we go $4.50 for a sandwich and a dollar more for a combo....sell out almost every time.
A rib snack (3 bones) goes 5 and 6 dollars and we sell out!

We wanted to get our name going and did!
Will probably up our prices next year, so take a look around and see what your area will spend for good BBQ!
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