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Originally Posted by chasmosis View Post
I've been reading thru this thread for the last week, you've hooked me and I decided to build one.

Scored a couple barrels with lids and rings (got an extra just in case) for $10 each. My dad runs a welding shop he knew a guy who is hauling them to the scrapper.

Drums had coconut oil in them, no coating besides a little coconut oil (initially thought it was lard). I'm gonna give them a good wash with hot soapy water and brush out the little bit of rust with some scotch brite. I wasn't planning on burning them out, anyboding think I should?

I've also got a question on where you guys get your thermometers you are installing in your barrels. I'm not talking about the wired probe electronic therms but the dial smoker specific thermometer in the side of your barrels? I've seen a link or 2 to websites selling them. I've looked at local hardware stores but can't seem to find them locally.

Quality recalibratable gauge. He's a Brethren also. Order some rubs/sauce while your at it, good stuff.
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