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Originally Posted by Q-topia View Post
Hey Theresa! We've taken your advice and joined this site; seems great so far.

I'm just chiming in with my team's opinion that the Scotsmen are great people, and if someone gets mentored by them, they're in very good hands. We met them last weekend when we competed in our first competition in Libertyville, IL. We were lucky enough to be the Scotsmen's neighbors. They were extremely generous with their food (wow, those bisquits and gravy ) and their advice. They were reserve Grand Champ so the latter was just as spot-on as the former.

S H I T A L (I had to space out my name like this b/c the system recognizes the first 4 letters, and makes it "****al." The drawbacks of being an Indian bbqer, I guess )
Was very enjoyable to meet the Q-Topia team. It's this aspect of the competition circuit that makes it all worth while. Where else can you meet the greatest folks from all parts of the country and all walks of life who share a fundabmental enjoyment of good food - BBQ afterall . Take care of that beautiful baby, S H I T A L!!

Originally Posted by ipls3355
And what a fine job you all did. I had a blast helping you guys in Arthur. Can't wait till next year, maybe I'll have a team of my own.
Chris, it was also great working with you and thanks so much for giving us a hand in Arthur. You stuck me as we fought the battle of the crappy wood. Maybe if we had some really small bits of wood (aka, pellets ), we could have managed the thin blue smoke - Naw, we are real stick burners .

The best part of this mentoring program was our first encounter in April of this year: Joe and Nicole joined us as mentor and quickly became the best of friends as well as key contributors to our success this year and full time members of the Smo Sco' ya, Queen of Green (p.s. - that's a "clown ass"...not an "ass clown" !!!)

Originally Posted by FatBoyz
i want to come help I would look so hot in a kilt.....not to mention i get my hand on good wood....

And Billy, no farking way on the kilt idea . But, can't thank you enough for the shag bark hickory.

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