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Originally Posted by /dev/bbq View Post
It's a funny thing isn't? If the fire that the coals came from still burns in the pit from which it came, then the oldest pit is...? I ain't not going to get in the middle of that!!!

A Florida cracker, gone to school in NC, grown up and had a family and career, learnt to cook pigs the right way, finds himself in Texas and gets his mind blown with a big 'ol hunk of beef, remembers his childhood smelling bbq over smoldering oak, and wishes he could see and taste all the places that know how to put that kind of love into what they do...

'night ya'll! :-)
funny you should say that... the right way would be shovlin coals and that is a bitch.

I am a cracker from texas gone to school in tennesee, grown up and had a family, learnt to cook beef the right way, found myself in Tennessee, rejected, wouldn't even put it in my mouth their pork version of BBQ but went to Maurices and had my first piggy. Then got schooled on how to do Pig, butts and ribs southern style. which is not texas style cuz texas is a country.

I am surpised you smelled oak though. I hope nobody learns about oak... its a little secret I got... y'all keep using hickry and cherry and apple and pecan
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