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Only time I've stayed over in Texas (besides the airport), was Austin. Immediately drove to Smitty's in Lockhart. Sat out in the "hallway" to eat, with my bread for a napkin. Got to say hi to John. Somethin' about a fella named Fullilove that tells you he cares about what he does.

Yeah, I get it. It just don't happen a whole lot anymore.
The smittys that used to be Kreuz before smitty moved out and opened smittys and left kreuz by itself to later become smittys while the newer old smittys became kreuz?

those in the know will know what I am saying.

the place he speaks of, when the fams got in a fight and separated, the new place, smittys, split from kruez and built a new building while kruez stayed in the old market location. However, smittys had to get a judge to rule in his favor as he wanted to start his fire over at the new location with the coals of the fire at the old location, they had a big ceremony where they shoveled a portion of coals out of kreuz market (now smittys) and rolled it via wheelbarrow to smitty's, now kreuz.

thereby, still able to make the same claim that they were one of the oldest pits in Texas (because as anyone who ever ran a real pit, even with sundays off, the coals never die), thus, the longest running pit claim yet in a new building. Later they switched names and I would love to see how that happened.
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