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Originally Posted by Pig of my Life View Post
I am building my first UDS, got a free clean 55, just picked up enough expanded metal for my coal basket.

In reading the threads I see little mention of a water pan. It seems that most UDS mentioned do not use them and talk about 24 inches from the coal to the first shelf. I always thought that the water pan was a good thing. Help

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UDS under construction
2 - 22 inch webers
Gas Webber silver
3 Propane jets
Mud Oven under constuction
1- China Box
1-El Cheapo Electric water smoker
Some say a water pan is used as a heat sink, some say for moisture. The draw of a UDS is that wonderful "like Grandpa cooked "taste, and the long burns. No need for a water pan, trust me.
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