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Originally Posted by Hop View Post
I've done some awesome Venison backstraps. Maybe you can sub a pork loin or beef instead? I stuff the backstrap with pre cooked mexican rice, topped with cilantro, onions, bellpepper and butter. The wrap it up tight with bacon and string. Once you pull it off the smoker you can slice it into nice little steaks. I've also stuffed them with boudin.
Slow cooked Blue cheese stuffed ribeyes are great as well.
Shrimp brochet stuffed with japs, cheese and bacon wrapped are pretty good.
Also something different that I had the other day was deep fried asparagus. It wasn't completly battered, just the stems showed at the bottom. It plated very well.

If you plan on going with a nautical theme you could do all sorts of seafood.
I really like oyster rockafel grilled on the halfshell. Infuse some butter with bacon and spoon it into the shells. Top it off with a plump oyster, some frozen spinach and jack chesse. The grill it till the cheese melts. Localy I can get all the shells I want, I throw them in the sink to wash um up real good and buy a galllon of oysters. Then all you have to do is load the shells and grill. If your good you can reuse the shells. Some times the cheese will burn to the outside though.
Slow cooked Blue cheese stuffed ribeyes are great as well.
Ohmigosh, that sounds so good I would think I'd died and went to heaven!

Another idea is a leg of lamb, butterflied and stuffed then rolled and tied, either slow smoked or roasted on the rotisserie.
IMHO, anything you stuff in the lamb should include garlic and rosemary. I would prefer a wild rice stuffing over bread.
Also.... Lamb + Mint = Sacrilege, so mint jelly should be avoided at all costs.
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