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Originally Posted by ZBQ View Post
I just found out that I passed the Serv Safe Course!!

I know this is bragging but....... I passed with a 98%!!

My business partner passed with a 93% also!!

I was really worried about the test and studied my arse off because it figured
it would be really hard.

When I got into the test I kept thinking, "OK, where are the HARD questions?" and
"Is this a trick question? This seems too easy."

There wasn't a single question about identifying the pathogens or their
symptoms.......go figure.

We took it at the local Health Dept. and they prepped us really well for the test.

We know the guy at the H.D. pretty well and he told us that we should consider
becoming instructors. He said that anyone who scores over 90% can become an
instructor and charge whatever they want to students.....but you have to buy the instructor materials.
I haven't checked them out yet but I'm sure they aren't cheap.

Do any of you guys have experience with being an instructor for Serv Safe?
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