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so, i finally read through all 100 and some odd pages of this thread.
I've been looking into building one of these for 6 months now.
I have my plan, it is going be very similar to jerry's
I was able to score the exact same cheap walmart kettle for $20, I wasn't planning on hinging the lid, because they don't quite line up right, but after looking at his, i am going to revisit that idea.
I even had the same basic idea of the charcoal basket, a little bit different but similar design as his. Which makes me feel good, like i know what i am doing or something.
I burned the barrel 2 times, very high and hot flames, burned all the paint on the outside off. Scrubbed it down with a wire brush on my drill. rubbed it down with some pork grease.
Now i am ready to start drilling and screwing :-O

here is my delima: I bought the drum off of craigslist, and have no idea what was in it before i got it. I emailed the d00d who sold it to me, and he said he doesn't know either. Untill now, i figured the burns plus the scrub would get any bad juju out of that thing. but now i have second thoughts. Should I carry on, or look for a new barrel? I really don't want to burn another one out. I am shocked the laws didn't come out for the last 2 burns. Do I press my luck a third time?
So far my investment is:
barrel ---------- $20
grill ------------ $20
brush----------- $4
carwash machine $2.50
total ------------ $46.50
the big question is, should it say this:
Having a barrel you can trust didn't have MEK and/or Karosene in it.......PRICELESS
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