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elmatth, looks like a great job on the drum. Just wait until you and your guests tase the great Q you will turn out. Check the temps at the grate and compare to the side therm you took a picture of. When my barrels are at 200 on the side therm, the grate temp will be at 230. That seems to hold true with about all drums. Whole birds will be about 3 hours, wrapped thighs a little less. And the wonderful fatties total of three hours as well. On the fatties, I smoke for two hours, wrap and back in smoker for 45 minutes, then unwrap and back on the smoker for 15 minutes. That is just my favorite way and some others may do a little different. Check the temps on the chicken after an hour and a half to see how quick they cook to 180 degrees in the thigh. I have had them cook in two hours before and sometimes it may take 4 hours. Just keep an eye on it and you will be the new BBQ King in Chicago!!! Good luck brother!!!
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