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Default UDS complete, now how do I cook this food?

I just spent the last several weeks doing some reading.... reading... and more reading on the UDS thread! Finally got a food grade barrell, weed burner and grinder from Harbor Freight, and all the standard attachments and got to work. I'm new to this site, and not too computer savy, so I'll do my best at posting my progress on the build. Thanks to all who contributed to the huge thread and gave me a wealth of information on how to build my own UDS. Fired the UDS up yesterday morning for a test run and the temps held a constant 225-235 degrees from 9:30am until I shut it down at 9:00pm. I can't believe how this thing can hold the temps for that long!

Anyway, being as I'm also new to smoking, I have no idea how long to cook different foods. I'm fairly decent on the grill, but as I'm finding out, that's a whole different ball game than smoking.

So, with that being said, I'm planning to put on a couple whole beer can chickens (4lbs each)(wife's idea, I wanted pulled pork), some bacon wrapped chicken thighs (inspired by "Bacon" who posted on his on the 28th), and two fatties (first I had to figure out what a "fattie" was). Well, there's nothing like waiting till the last minute, cause i'm supposed to be cooking for my in-laws and others tonight. Anybody who can chime in and help with cooking times and temps I would greatly appreciate it!
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