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Originally Posted by garyk1398 View Post
N8man, I don't have a welder and don't think I want to try something that ambitious! I've never built one before but, I'm gonna give it a try with all the info here...i figure i can't screw it up too badly Pat, from Des Moines showed me his at a recent comp and now...I must make one ASAP. For a first timer, do ya recommend building one with just one rack or tryin to find a dome that will fit it? I've been watchin for 22" domes around CL and local sales but no luck yet. Can I buy a new replacement Weber for it, from Weber? Thanks for all your help.

I have rescued 4 weber grills for free from the trash and spent 5 bucks on a mint one-touch gold at a garage sale. They're out there if you are patient. My last one was free from a friend who had a cabana at a beach club (end of the season, she grabbed one that was left behind). Any colleges near you? May is a great time to find them at the trash when the students move out. Christmas and father's day are great times to hunt too --lots of people get new grills then. I would wait and get a freebe before I would buy a new replacement from Weber. You can still fit a lot on the single rack with the flat lid until you find a cheap or free Weber lid.
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