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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
First post! I've got three drums with the tan liner in them. I burned two of them for 5 hours filled 1/3 of the way elm. They burned HOT for a solid 5 hours. Paint on the outside turned to pink powder, inside I have patches of bare metal with patches of what looks like remaining carbonized tan liner.

So my question is, should I take it ALL off on the inside, right down to bare metal? I can't seem to get the black patches off, wire wheel isn't doing much.
Are the patches neart the top or bottom?

I had to burn my barrel twice. The first burn built up ash too fast and the bottom 1/3 wasn't hot enough. On the second burn I dumped a couple of chimneys of briquettes and just let it burn for a long time before adding longer cnunks of wood and working up the barrel.

A weed burner might help as well. I was tempted to leave some patches as getting the last bits out with a wire wheel SUCKED but I didn't want to risk anything toxic in the barrel.

Stick with it and take it down to bare metal.

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