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We do it a bit differently. See below

Originally Posted by paydabill View Post
I always asked the following -

What is the head count (also include that you will ask this again the week of the event). Make sure they understand that they will pay at least the per person price on the last head count, that they provide. Absolutely

Serving? Do I serve or will serve yourself. Right On

Left overs - do they keep or you take back. We never take back citing health dept. rules. Less trouble for you.

How long will the food sit out? We tell them that they have 1/2 hour after the last person is served. Want longer, it costs. Keep it cold, it costs, etc...
Location of the event - does has tables, electricity (if you are using warmers), and water.

Exact time of serving - (sometimes they need you to set up at 11:00 but do not want to serve until the guest of honor comes at Noon).

Untensils - We always provide.

and biggest of them all.

Payment - When do you expect to be paid. No money, no unload and set up.
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