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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks, Neil for doing the write up! You know rough terrain comes with the BBQ business. I took the rig up and down said road, no problem ( I did go a day early to avoid drama, and come down a day after the gig, no place for pulling a trailer at night)! I guess, I can be an adrenaline junkie, I love driving hills and mountains! However, I did do a double take when the caretaker wanted me te back down the hill, so that I could back the rig into the designated location. I could not see because the back of the truck was packed to capacity, I was depending solely on the guidance of the caretaker
If I farked up you might as well put your head between your leg and kiss your meatballs goodbye!

You guys did me proud! Yea, I was not taking a chance on getting someone sick and I know I got symptoms, that's just foolishness!

The "drill sargeant" says she thinks I should not be carving anymore for big events as weddings. Too many other details to wade through during event she says! So, guess what? You guys be carving now on at big events

One more thing, when I retrieved the rig yesterday afternoon, the wedding couple and parents were up there as well gathering their remaining items and they were very complimentary and hugging me. They said we were flawless and had the timing down to the tee! That my friend is all about you guys! I was just smart enough to wade through a few employees to find the right team. And of course the "Drill Sargeant!"
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