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Default Dirty Chicken Wings, Lolli's, and Simply Marvelous Spares

The new spices and rubs came in this past week that I ordered from the previous. ( Still waiting on one order )

I had to try them and I said "screw it, I'm using both today". And so I did.

Todd's Dirt is a great seasoning. A very fresh herb taste and my goodness is it flavorful. I bought two of them and I smelled it in the mailbox before I opened it. I knew it was going to be a good one.

So I just smoked some wings, and Lollipop's. Delicious.

Then for the ribs, Big Brother Smoke's Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy Rub.

Fantastic flavor. Has a very nice balance of smokey, sweet, and a hint of heat. In my opinion a superb balance.

So I picked up a rack of Spares, St. Loui'd 'em. And rubbed, let set for say 50 minutes wrapped in the refrigerator and then to the rib rack.
2-2-1 turned out great. I cant wait to put this stuff on my next butt.


I do highly recommend BOTH of these rubs. PM Either Big Brother Smoke for the Simply Marvelous S&S rub and thedirtman for info about The Dirt.

Also, I want to send a shout out to trp1fox for cooking such great food with these rubs and making that delicious thread. Inspired me to purchase and I am glad I did.
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