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Originally Posted by Mark View Post

I once converted a wood burning stove to gas. I made a burner out of 3/4 inch black pipe, capped at one end and a row of 1/8" holes drilled along both sides (about 1" apart).

It worked fine and something like that should be easy to make for your smoker.
Thank you. That is what I made with 1/16 holes. BUT like i said,

Thats precisely what I am removing. Good for lighting logs, bad and dangerous for gas assist.

anyone have a gator pit or lang or klose or large stick burner with the above style burner on it. I have questions about the factory install.

look at the picture specifically the burner behind the left tire. I ahve everythingj I need to fab that out... just need to know if the burner seats directly on the firebox or if there are some spaces. PM me if you know or can take pics.
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