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Originally Posted by Kung Fu BBQ View Post
IMO as a green freak myself. BBQ is just about as green as it gets.

In my case, I use lump charcoal, unlike briquettes lump is compostable, you can add the ashes to a garden and grow bbq tomatoes.

The exhaust is that of a burning tree (if a squirrel did not get out in time) , no chemicals, no gas, only tree and meat.

There is no additives or preservatives, I make the rub, it is housed in glass containers not plastic.

Plus I use all natural meats, no additives, roids or hormones. That to me is green, very green.

I actually hate the term green and the fact that it is a sales pitch now. As a nation we have built ourselves a very large garbage dump and it's only common sense that maybe we should reduce a bit of the trash and figure out some creative and money making ways to deal with waste.

Well put!
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