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Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
Catering 201

Chapter 1. Knowing you need 10% overage in food (Conntinued from Catering 101)

Chapter 2. Tablescapes

Chapter 3. Contracts (Continued from catering 101)

Chapter 4. Clothing (crocs, chef jackets, polos, no t-shirts etc.)

Chapter 5. Websites

Chapter 6. Listening to someone who has farked up in a given area and learning from their mistakes.

Chapter 7. Learning from your mistakes and sharing the knowledge to help others avoid the same mistakes.

Chapter 8. Managing the business (having managers, coordinators, bartenders, bookeeping, etc.)

Chapter 9. Gigs over 100 people

Chapter 10. Weddings (Continued in Catering 304 and 404)

Chapter 11. Environmentally Friendly products/Green BBQ

Chapter 12. Dealing with difficult clients (i.e. bridezilla)
Chapter 1. We are good.

Chapter 2. We are good.

Chapter 3. Re-vamping/improving contract as we speak.

Chapter 4. Bingo!

Chapter 5. I play a web developer at my week day gig. But for some reason, I am always too busy to work on my own web site.

Chapter 6. Still listening!

Chapter 7. I try!

Chapter 8. I'm good here, except I really HATE bookkeeping. Quickbooks = Bah Humbug!

Chapter 9. Got a few under our belts.

Chapter 10. Got a few of those under our belts, too.

Chapter 11. I need to go to Green BBQ School!

Chapter 12. I have so far been able to figure out potential bridezillas and pass on their business. Whew!

I obviously still have a few chapters to finish before I pass Catering 201.
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