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"When the weather gets warmer, Americans fire up their grills by the millions, and the breezes fill with the characteristic scent of sizzling meats and roasting vegetables. Cooking over an open flame is deeply embedded in our genetic memory, so it's no surprise that so many of us enjoy a good BBQ -- especially when we invite over some friends and family. The trouble is, grilling can be toxic, even downright polluting. Burning charcoal or wood produces clouds of sooty particles that can lodge in lungs, irritating asthma and other respiratory problems. Carcinogenic volatile organic compounds like benzene are released. The whole mess can contribute to smog.
To make matters worse, overcharring meat can produce toxic chemicals in the food itself. Still, this doesn't mean you have to swear off the sizzle. With the right gear and a few tips, you can still kick back, throw a great barbecue, and grill up some world-class eats."

What the heck... marinated tofu cubes? I think my answer to them will be a definite "NO!"

Propane or natural gas are your most environmentally-friendly liquid options. They’re not perfect, but they’re generally more efficient even than your oven. Solar barbecues are starting to hit the market—check out
Finally, just because it’s BBQ doesn’t mean it has to be meat. Keep up that low-meat diet. Skewered veggies (think peppers, zucchini, red onions) with marinated tofu cubes is a great summery option. Happy grilling!
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