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somebody shut me the fark up.
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This contest is sounds cool. Lots of interesting categories and presentations. All designed to stretch your imagination and cooking skills. Saturdays contest is not a standard KCBS contest at all. If that is what you thought you were getting in to, I'm sorry. Hopefully everyone will realize this and have some fun with it. Push the envelope of the 9X9 styro box thingie and do something really cool. Please don't get stressed about this. Part of the reason for doing some of the things they are doing is to reduce your stress, like letting you have the judges come to your site rather than having to worry about getting it to them on time. How cool is that? Put the monkey on their back for a change.

And a fatty category. This one is my favorite, due to the fact that I gave it the name and that when you hear or see the word fatty in regards to BBQ, you know that it all started here at the Brethren. This is something that we named. No we didn't invent it, we just perfected it.

Some folks are a bit confused as to exactly what a fatty is. It can be many things. It can be as simple as just opening one up and smoking, or complex like a Fatty Wellington. I love that one. It can be so many things, that a list would probably not be conclusive. That's part of the coolness of them. What it is, is some type of ground meat of at least a pound, that is shaped into a tube. It can be stuffed and coated, but not have a casing. That would be sausage, and while fatties are usually sausage, this is not a sausage contest. That would be much more open. A fatties shape should be tubular and fat, not skinny, resembling that original fatty: The Jimmie Dean type in a plastic container with ties on the end. That is where it gets the double meaning of fatty, the one you could get arrested for smoking. Got it?

Hopefully this will help you understand this contest better and allow you to lay back and have some fun. I sure wish I could be there to see it.
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