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First off..

Hot Dog? that was news to me.

I believe it came in from a sponsor. They will be optional and not count towards GC.

Now lets discuss the Chefs Choice/Dessert category. This was my idea. It came from my visit to The Jack and how impressed I was at the Chefs Choice presentations down there. We wanted to do something different for this contest. We decided to give you guys carte blanche in your presentations and have some fun.. use a farkin balloon animal to display your pork chops.. chit I make palm trees out of carrots and green peppers.. rosettes out of radishes, and crowns our of tomatoes. Why are we being close minded?

A quick note on Dessert.. nothing pisses me off more than someone turning in cheescake they bought at the local bakery. Deserts must be made on site. Chocolate mouse can be prepared onsite, grilled fruits, even baking. Use your talents to make something NOT pre-purchased. We had a fruit catagory last year, its now expanded to include ANY desert.

On to Chefs choice and the onsite judging. This is NOT MIM type judging. Its just a presentation table at your site. This idea was discussed for weeks with many of us, I asked for input from alot of respected folks on the circuit and it was even brought to the New Ideas and R&D committee at KCBS who thought it was a great expansion of concept. It was never met with anything negative except the logistics of judging on time and we will work that out.

First off.. dont confuse this with MIM judging. It IS NOT. We are NOT JUDGING SHOWMANSHIP. It is not relevant and you do not have to schmoose the judges. You don't even have to talk to them. We did this to enable competitors to use everything at their disposal without having to bring it to the judges tent.

All u need to do is present a platter, with an open garnish in the middle of your table, OR, make place settings. We are doing this so you have full reign over your presentation, not limited to 9x9 boxes and don't have to carry large serving dishes to a judges tent. We felt that having open sizes would make it impossible to fit all entries at the judges table(under the tent) and detract from your presentations. Thats why its at your site. We only care about the table, not the site, not the speech, non of that. Its ALL the presentation.

The goal here is to bring out your creativity beyond the 9x9 inch box. We wanted an open garnish and for folks to go crazy on the displays using whatever they wanted. There will be a 2 hour window after the fatty turn in to prepare your iron chef displays. When I was at The Jack, I saw some of the most amazing turn ins I have ever seen.

You know that big ass dish you use once a year at thanksgiving?? Or that fish shaped wicker basket u never use? .. Take it and dress things up!!! We felt that if you want to use a Sterling silver platter, then do so, if u want an ice sculpture in your presentation, go for it.. but we felt that NOT having to limit sizes to 9x9, and not having to carry it to the judges tent would make it easier for you, and allow you options you don't normally have. You can use things you would not normally use and you can setup your display at your site however you want.

If you dont want to do the presentation platter, then instead of a 9x9 inch box, we will give 9 inch plates and you can make seperate place settings. thats up to YOU.

C'mon folks.. its a contest. No one ever said that we are limited to 9x9 styrofoam. Look at the creations here from Ricks Tropical delight, look at the stuff from Curt McAdams and our other members who create amazing displays using nothing but a serving platter and open garnish. This is where we are going.. You can still do steaks, pork chops, fish, wings, whatever you want. But it will NOT be displayed in a 9x9, instead, its a true all out presentation like you would for a formal dinner at your holiday tables, or when you want to impress.

Think outside of they box guys..

The goal here was to do something different and something fun.. not to start a damn boycott because we dumped the styrofoam. The alternative is we do beef, steak, fish, fruit in a 9x9 box. Same ol same ol. Do we not want to try something different?

Heres a simple example(wasnt a comp), something like this, with your desert next to it. If you want additional sides to make it prettier, they simply count as garnish. Why is this such a bad thing?
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