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Eric, I'm happy to speak, help, whatever offline but I personally will not be competing in the grilling contest this year.

I'm still on board to do a demo and you all can keep my grilling fee but you all are over thinking this thing. For the record, I cannot express my praise of this contest and all that you and the fellow brethren have done to build this, butttttt...

I still don't understand the fatty category and am going to get slapped by Phil again, but it's a sausage category. No casing makes no sense. The size makes no sense.

Hot dog is what it is if you have the sponsor. I'm good with that. But then we have three more categories plus some sort of on-site judging??? Pizza, chef's choice, then dessert? I've competed in MIM contests and it's a huge focus many teams won't take a day before doing KCBS categories.

Again, I'm here to add input as are other brethren. We have a month to go.
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