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Originally Posted by Qcrue2U View Post
Yes, unfortunetly, we cannot precook anything. In Ca., strict laws prohibit this, must prep and cook onsite, unless we rent a kitchen.

Im cooking on 3 ecb's, a standard backyard grill, my commercial grill, and my Silver Smoker.

I had to turn in my menu 1 month ago. The other bbq vendor is doing pulled pork, and steak sammies...

I am doing tritip sammies, sausage on a stick or bun, breakfast burritos, green salad, chili, hamburgers/cheesburgers, hotdogs, grilled onions & shrooms, chips, nachos,. I cant remember the rest, I will pull out my menu list and double check..
Unfortuently, I cannot carry water or soda, (good money makers for me) SO, I will serve coffee, iced tea, and other non carbonated drinks.

I was thinking about chicken but would need a cooler just for them. CA. law..

I dont want to cook anything that takes a chitload of cooktime, I cant, I will loose customers. I need product ready to go by 9:00 am... Ill offer tritip at 10:00am, and all the rest as well. I am bringing an 8 person crew at least.. thanks to family and friends who just want to eat and get me to succeed!! So that frees me up to cook and man fires... LOTS of fire!! hahahah

I will prolly run everything hot to get product out. And still smoke for the afternoon rush, then do over... I will have runners as well, so If I run out, they can go to the store to replentish.. I dont want to do this on every product because I will be at the mercy of their local supermarket, no Costco near there!! :(

Thanks for the help BRETHREN, Im very nervous and sketchy! The local Farmers Markets are a different beast than this. This could make or break my business... I will be handing out samples, and trifolds, and business cards as well.. :)

I will also be taking a chitload of pics!! Need them for marketing! :)

I hope the other bbq vendor isnt a brethren!! If so, please dont take my menu options ;)

That is a very ambitious menu. I hope you sell out of everything, but not until late Sunday afternoon... that would be perfect timing. Most of all, I hope this is a fun and profitable job for your and your crew!

Eager and hungry family are a godsend. We are vending at the Salinas Airshow the end of the month. That is when all of the plane enthusiast relatives come calling. LOL! Going off last year's number we are planning on 1200 orders for the weekend.
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