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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by TOPS BBQ View Post
I too, do this part time, but how much time are you really working? I just did a job on-site and "worked" for 8 hours. Really, the work came from prepping, setting up and taking down the site. I sat for probably 4 hours while the food was cooking. I was still tired in the end, but you have to put this into prospective.
I understand what you're saying but I look at it differently. If I'm away from my home and on a job site, I'm working. It doesn't matter if I have my feet up reading a book - I'm working at the job; I'm not at home playing with mama or the kids. I actually missed my son's first soccer game this year so I could do this job. That sucked.

I've already had a long talk with my partner BeerGuy about this. On-sight cooking gigs are not for me. I'm glad I did it; now I know. I will definitely contact my local HD and see what I need to do to cook at home then transport to the function.

Thanks for the tip on the flies. A box fan would have been nice this past Saturday. The heat was brutal.

Someone told me today that if I had washed down my table with a bleach/water solution it would've kept the flies away. I'll try both techniques next time.
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