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Originally Posted by Brauma View Post
I did my second catering gig this past Saturday. Gory details here:

I've got a couple of questions. First, how do you deal with flies? It was brutally hot & humid this past Saturday. I'm talking 98* and high humidity. When it came time for me to bust up the pork, flies came from no-where and were relentless. I shooed them away best I could but it was no use. And I'm sure it looked bad to anyone who saw it. Flies on the cutting board - not good.

Second, how do you guys do it? I mean, I thought I would lose my marbles, quit and walk away by mid-afternoon. Maybe I'm too much of a free spirit but I was on-sight - in the customer's backyard - from 6:30 AM till 8:20 PM. Thats a long farking time. How, I mean, do you... how do I want to ask this?... How do you price your jobs to cover this much time?

When I add up how much I was paid it worked out to $10/hour. Now, I'm not sneezing at this $. This is better than nothing. But that sure was a lot of work and a lot of time away from the homestead on a Saturday. On top of that I worked till 11PM Friday night trimming/rubbing butts and cooking the beans.

I've heard that the health Dept frowns on cooking the meat at your home/backyard, then transporting it to the party. But Ive also heard that you could cook it in a certified kitchen, then transport it to the site and reheat. Is this different state to state?

When I said that I'm a free spirit before, let me explain. My job for the past 23 years has been a field service rep. My vehicle is my office. When ever I have to sit in an office from 8-5 I feel like I'm trapped in a cage. Like I'm in prison. I'm not sure this type catering will work for me. But I'm glad that I'm trying it.
I do this on a "part-time" basis, although I take on way more than I should. What gets me is that catering on-site is BACK BREAKING, HARD FARKING WORK. Have to say I wasn't prepared for that, but it is getting better. I do not know how guys do this day in and day out. My back and knees would be finished
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