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We do lots of vending in the Monterey Bay area. Our most popular menu item for vending is smoked tri-tip sandwiches, with optional grilled onions and/or bell peppers. Sometimes we even offer shredded cheese on them. We also do spare ribs and pesto chicken sandwiches. We also often offer a plate with the ribs or sandwiches with a scoop of potato salad. We used to also offer cole slaw, but that is not usually real popular here in Central CA.

For an event like that one where we have never vended before we would go with enough for 400-500 orders. Then in the late afternoon Saturday, if you find yourself running low, then send someone to buy more product for the next day. Most events will have more orders on Saturday than Sunday. But we do the Capitola Art & Wine Festival every year and we always have more orders in Sunday. This year on sunday afternoon we started running out of things so I just changed the menu. We ran out of bread rolls, but had some tortillas from the tri-tip breakfast burritos, so we made tri-tip wraps instead. Then we ran out of tortillas and sold a family pack of half a rack of ribs and half a tri-tip. People bought them. For events when you have leftovers, it sure helps to have a large freezer!

This is an old photo and we actually put more meat and vegetables on the sandwiches than this shows. We usually put the onions and bell peppers under the meat cuz otherwise they slide off the meat and make a mess while eating.

Pesto Chicken Sandwich
I normally put the cheese under the hot chicken to start it melting
Rollin' Smoke BBQ - West

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