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Originally Posted by trp1fox View Post
I don't think the current USC players will be all that hungry. After all they just had Ohio State for dinner last night...

(Sorry, I just had to...)
As bad as i felt from ND kicking our arse, that made my night!!

You got some good info Pat.
I'd cook to finished temp so reheating doesn't take so long.
I prefer reheating in cryo packs but if oven and pans is the plan....
Cook and shread, add back juices and some rub and refrigerate.
Have them warm in oven, 300 is fine but have them add some AJ for moisture, only need to warm up, 145 degrees is safe, no need to re-cook.
Go with a Lb uncooked per monster, leftovers never hurt anybody and you won't run short!

Do you have enough pit to cook that much meat???
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