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Originally Posted by Norcoredneck View Post
My next question is I plan on cooking Wednesday and wrapping them so they can reheat on Saturday. Wondering if it would be getter to wrap
1) individual foil then saran wrap (which one first?)
2) put in large disposable pans cover with foil then saran wrap.

Plan is to have them put in oven .What temp and how long? Reheat to ? internal.

If it was myself doing it I would let the alcohol be my guide but need to give them guidelines.
This information is taking into account that they are bigger guys, who will eat more than usual. I would cook 53# (uncooked weight) of pork shoulder.

1) The only thing you will accomplish using Saran Wrap after the initial cook is the butts will take much longer to cool and will be in the "danger zone" temperature longer while cooling. I would just cool in foil, wrapped really well. I would not pull the butts at this point. Make sure you take the butts to at least 185 degrees in the initial cook.

2) Just keep the whole butts in your fridge until ready to reheat.

3) Put them in the oven on Saturday four hours before you need them, still wrapped whole in foil (you'll want to put them on a sheet pan or disposable whole pan). I would cook three hours at 300 degrees and then the last hour at 225. Plop them in a foil pan and pull them...they will fall apart. As far as internal temp, anything above 170 is good, taking them to 190 will only help.

Good luck!
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