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Originally Posted by VisionQuest220 View Post
Don't get me wrong, guys. I understand that sometimes the easiest path is to not reinvent the wheel, especially if you can get your hands on some pretty good wheels. I also know that putting good rubs and sauces up for sale is a great way for teams to help pay the expenses associated with competing and I admire those who have decided to put their proven products on the market.

The down side is that there are many products out there that have no proven track record of success but are heavily marketed to the barbeque community. Sure, every target market is going to have it's share of companies that are only trying to make a buck with little or no real working knowledge of that market and it is that type of business that I have no respect for.

Personally, I would never by a rub or a sauce from any source that wasn't actively cooking with their own product.
You make a very good point about market saturation. About 10-15 years ago I was reading a marketing book that talked about competition focus. It went on to say that there may be many people out there in your market competing for the same dollar. Don't be overwhelmed by all of the competition. Instead, focus on what the top 10% are doing.

I was just in the KC BBQ Store. They have a literal wall of sauces and rubs that still only represents a fraction of what is out there. It can be overwhelming for both a customer and a manufacturer. However, I've tried about all of them one way or another. Some are great and some are just plain aweful. Sometimes the ones that sell are actually pretty aweful, but they have a name, I guess. Others are great and are unknown because of the "noise" from so many products out there. A great product needs some great marketing to overcome the "noise".

There are some really, really great products out there, and it is those truly great ones that I focus on. It is just like competition BBQ. I watch what the top teams are doing and not doing... if I want to be more like them.

I openly promote my "competitors" products. I've done so here and other places online and off. My feeling is that there is enough room for all of us, and that is just how I roll. You'll never see me dis another product, unless I really think it is crap. If you have a good product, I'm going to give you respect for that. Heck, I've helped other people get their products into retailers that I'm already on the shelf at. Life is too short to be so selfish.

I also respect folks that want to do their own thing. I've never been that kind of purist, but that's okay. I've made a lot of sauce, but still buy what I use. Haven't been able to top what I like already out there.

To each... their own way. Peace out!!!
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