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Originally Posted by HB-BBQ View Post
I have been tweaking my own rubs for some time now will continue to do so until I reach nirvana. However I do buy commercial rubs to make my life easier and to support my fellow brethern. I feel the best way is to keep buying different ones in small bottles to experiment with and if you dont like one just toss it in the back of your cabinet. That is where most of them wind up in my house, really chaps the wife but I tell her it is all in research for the ultimate Q. She just rolls her eyes now when the UPS driver shows up with more bbq related items

Simply Marvelous - Sweet & Spicy
Spicewine - Heffer Dust
Plowboys - Yardbird
D-Dogs - Apple, Maple
John Henry's - Pecan, Apple

Man, can I relate to that! Esp. since my wife is a.....vegetarian. "My gosh! How much more of that do you need???? Isn't it just about all the same stuff??"

I pity her, really. Imagine, going through life, having no appreciation of the pleasure one gets from pulling off a near perfectly seasoned rack of ribs.....taking that first's a damn cryin' shame.
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