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Originally Posted by Cliff H. View Post
I have a different take on this statement.

First, while I was searching for great Q and learning how to make it better at home via all the fourms, I began to realize that I could produce a better product than most resturants. So then I started searching for the best rubs and techniques that I liked.

I have begun to narrow the field down on the flavor profile issue. I want and desire to reach a plateu of consistency. This means that I want to be using the same rub and technique all the time so that my BBQ is easily recognizalbe by the folks I am feeding.

There is nothing wrong with trying different products or resturants. Nothing at all. I do the same from time to time, but when it comes to serious Q'ng, I want my Q to be the same every time.

I understand what your saying Cliff. But I am just a home cook that basically cooks and Ques for myself. I like to try different spice combinations and different rubs so I might can make something similar myself with a twist.

I have only been truly BBQ'in since June. Though have been grilling for years.

As the years pass and I get more into the seriousness ( and I know I will ) my attitude about consistency will definately change.

Once again, I do understand. Just looking for a few new rubs.
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