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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
Crap! Now the HD is telling us we need a sink even if we prep offsite in a commercial kitchen.
That just doesn't sound right. I know codes are different, but you're either a "caterer", "mobile food vendor", or "personal chef" where I'm from. When you try to combine any of them - like preparing food in a certified kitchen and then cooking some of it on site (not sure if that's what you're doing) then I can see why the HD is making you have a sink. We started the process just as you are, found a church that would donate the kitchen but then still ran into the HD saying, " have to smoke the meat at your certified kitchen location and then transport it, ready to serve, to the site." We ended up going with the mobile vending license and picked up a nice enclosed trailer with some bells and whistles that the HD required so that we could smoke the meat on-site. The drawback is that we have to prepare everything on-site (in order to comply with the license). Beans, potato salad, slaw...everything. That happens most of the time
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