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Originally Posted by Bacon View Post
Alright Brethren, I have been on this site for almost 3 months and I have heard a lot about this Yardbird seasoning and how good it is.

I must try it now, cant resist any longer.

I was given this link in another thread and there is a lot of stuff on this site I am interested in. A few names that I have heard here also.

Then I noticed that the shipping was fedex ground and I know that Fedex shipping can be pricey. Though ground is cheaper than express. I would assume with the cost of shipping to be in the range of 7-10 bucks, I thought I might as well buy a few more seasonings/ rubs while I'm at it.

I need some recommendations from fellow Brethren that have tried and liked some of these rubs. I cook mostly what everyone else cooks and heat doesnt bother me.

I would truly appreciate any responses..

Why not make or steal your own? I know this is gonna anger the "rub Gurus" but when you start buying rubs you will never learn what spices do.

You see what your asking these guys to do is SUBJECTIVELY give you their opinion of what appeals to their palate. Which makes even less since than figuring that out for yourself. Finding a recipe online or on here and trying it accomplishes the same thing with a lot less money and a lot less rubs you don't like sitting round and going bad.

Heck I think I screwed up and posted my Butt Glitter on here in a weak moment. LOL
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