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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
MrsMista and I went to the Moose Lodge and made a presentation to the board and they agreed to let us use their commercial kitchen during off hours!

As long as I show up a couple a times per month and cook dinner for the members (they pay for the food) I get to use the kitchen for free! That satisfies the HD rule for having a commercial kitchen for prep.

We are on our way now!!

This was the nightmare I faced all thisyear. My Kitchen Partner ( a Gas Station that had a closed Deli inside with Tables and Gazebo Outside) ended up dying. The daughter got half of the business and was Jazzed about the idea of me running the Kitchen and providing her case with sandwiches, the STEP mother wants to sell the place and nixed it. Luckily I didn't put any money into it. It is still in Probate so no contracts can be signed.

Then another Gas station that had an old Donut shop in it at one time in one service bay and another unused service bay which was perfect to pull the 31 foot trailer into for service, was signed all lease and everything, and was ready for the FIRST HD visit (the one where they tell you what you need to do).... I was waiting to see how opening up the second old service bay would affect my kitchen in the first, that guy lost the whole damn Mobile because of gambling debts and it went back to being owned by Mobile.

So... while it does;t hurt my private party piz too much, it is nailing me on getting the huge Funkotorium, out and about day to day in the Walmart, Home depot and downtown parking lots.

I am so happy for you. I wonder if my local firehouse would be willing to do this if I cooked for their weekly bingo night?
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