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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
Got it. No more cooking two things at once. Especially when both are soooo needy! Bet I could've done Pork butt and stew with no problem. It's those high maintenance women...uhhh, I mean dishes, that will do you in everytime.
First of all I am the Quincy of BBQ problems but they aint enough 411 to go on.

As a person that does an immersion now before ploppin his ribs on the smoker you can get excellent tasting ribs with little or no fanfare. Like another brother on here said... salty and pepper only.

Next.. I've seen your picture.... there is mo than enuff of Big Mista love to go round. Plus honestly, if you cater you could not make it if you couldn't multi-task.

I say its the rub... judging from your experience I doubt you would buy low quality meat (of course the packer may be off) and you obviously know how to make a fire and maintain it. If the textrue was spot on then I'd probably say enhanced meat was not the culprit... so... that leaves the rub, specifially the salt content. Salt is a carrier of flavor.

what was in your rub? did your salt ratio change? did you forget the "kirk" rules. You can add a ****pile of every spice under the sun and salt adds to thatg and carrys it.

PS if making two thinhgs were to blame gumbo, esp yours, takes more effort than the ribs.

OH and CHANGING salt grain size screws things up too.
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