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Default Cooler Question

On Saturday, August 9th at 5:30 pm I started off on a smoking journey that included plans for 4-15# packers, 2-8# butts, 4 beercan chickens, and 8 slabs of spares. I cooked all night. Obviously the different meats went on at different times but all came off within an hour of the others.

On Sunday, August 10th at 4:30 pm everything was finished (the 4 briskets cooked for anywhere from 20-23 hours. I removed everything from the pit, triple-wrapped everything in foil and placed the fare into the bottoms of my two Igloo coolers. I then placed cotton towels on top of the meats followed by layers of newspapers right to the top of the cooler.

The lids were closed and just to make sure NO heat seeped out I wrapped the area of the cooler where the lid meets the cooler with cellophane.

I loaded the two coolers into my truck the following morning of August 11th at 5:00 am and carried them with me to work for a BBQ lunch at noon.

The meats were coolerd for approximately 18 hours yet when I removed the meats at 11:00 am on "Feeding Day" to slice, pull, cut, etc., the briskets were still hot enough to make holding them with ungloved hands quite uncomfortable. The pork butts were still hot while being pulled and shreedded and even the smaller cuts (ribs and chickens) were still hot.

Everyone enjoyed the food and no one called in sick the next day so I have to assume the time in the coolers was not detrimental to human consumption.

Long story to make a point, I know but it should give you some idea of how properly coolered meats can hold their temps.

Happy Holiday weekend to all the other Brethren out there. Be safe.

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