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Originally Posted by chinesebob View Post
Looks like a fantastic gig!

I know a lot of people rave about the crocs but I can't say enough about columbia hikers. They rule for long days, though they are heavier and your legs are dragging if you aren't used to them.

Did you carve for people? Saw the cutting board. I have a nice one when people are watching but I usually use a plastic cutting board set on an one edge of a cookie tray to catch the juices and bits.

I'm glad you posted this, I have a gig around this size in about a month and I've been debating on how much to prepare.
Nice thought but hiking boots in the middle of summer in SoCal won't fly. My feet would catch on fire! They would probably be good for events during our 2 week winter though.

We did carve the brisket for the guests. Thought it would be a nice touch.

Originally Posted by Marsha View Post
We got one like this. You can haul heavier stuff with the big wheels. And we sometimes even haul big heavy coolers that don't have wheels and are full of meat, etc.

Also, if you can afford one I highly recommend a meat slicer when cutting certain meats for big events. Oh, and then you need a generator for places where there is no electricity available. Yeah, the buying stuff seems to never end.
For this event, we could have used a golf cart. The kitchen was almost 100 yards from the serving area. I have a blister on the bottom of one of my feet. Definitely the wrong socks in the wrong shoes.
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