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Originally Posted by agentmichael View Post
There's many ways. There is only one GOLDEN rule...making sure you equally place the heat resistant speakers inside the smoker to pound the meat.... oh and be sure Its James Brown's "Ain't it Funky" or Parliament's :Cosmic Slop" with Boosty Collins Live at the Houston Astrodome 1978. You don't do this and you need to quit making BBQ... cuz u ain't.

In all of the never-ending battles about the fat cap--this is probably the most valid (and funniest) posts I have ever read!

Some championship cooks know that you can cook wonderful brisket, brisket that friends and family love, briskets that the Judges find appealing and judge high, with absolutely NO FAT CAP!
NADA Fat Cap! ZILTCH Fat Cap! ZERO Fat Cap!
Trimmed as bald as a baby's butt!

It is a fact, so---

If ya like the fat cap up, cook it that way.
If ya like the fat cap down, cook it that way.
If ya like the fat cap on the side, cook it that way.
If ya like to "flip" or "rotate" around the fat cap, cook it that way.
If ya like to cut under the fat cap, insert rub and spices, then tie the fat cap back on, cook it that way.
If ya like to trim off the exterior fat, cook it that way.

It is all good eats.

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