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Default Practice makes perfect....

well, this weekend Butts N Gutts, was over and we decided to do the seafood throw down. But it wasn't enough, so we did another pastrami and to keep it company, on the drum, we did a fattie.
The pastrami was a store bought corn beef, soaked overnight, to remove the salt and then using Thirdeye's reciepe, we seasoned it up.

On the smoker it went at about 230-250, till it reached about 150 internal. The fattie was JD sage sausage and filled with Boar's head proscuitto and mozzarella roll, sliced up, the inside of the fattie was seasoned with sazon, while the outside had John Henry's pecan rub.

After they were done, the fattie was foiled and in to the cooler,it went. The pastrami was foiled and coolered for a while, then when we were ready to eat, we finished in the pressure cooker, for about 15 minutes and served.

Sorry, but that's all the pron on these. We were so hungry, that we forgot to take pron of the plated product. Thus, the team name of BUTTS N GUTTS.
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