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[quote=agentmichael;721427]some people say that the fat melts into the brisket, and giving it flavor, and moister, so fat cap up

When on top it melts mostly along the sides.

Some people say that the fat protects the meat from the heat, that the brisket might to greasy for the fat cap up,,,,so fat cap down

Yes the Fat protects the meat and does two things... First.. as it melts it GOES UP INTO THE MEAT.....Yes.. against gravity.... The weight of the meat above pressing down on the fat squeezes the fat into the meat before rendering out.

Now if you wrap early you may not noticed this distinction since you are essentially holding all the moisture using the foil as the barrier.

Also think of it this way. It acts as a bowl. The water and Blood CANNOT go through the fat. Its a barrier.

However, there are many fat side up Brisket that are good too. There was one in 1973 I tasted that was killer.

There's many ways. There is only one GOLDEN rule...making sure you equally place the heat resistant speakers inside the smoker to pound the meat.... oh and be sure Its James Brown's "Ain't it Funky" or Parliament's :Cosmic Slop" with Boosty Collins Live at the Houston Astrodome 1978. You don't do this and you need to quit making BBQ... cuz u ain't.

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