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Default Brisket Question

I am trying to get opinions on this from everywhere. I came across a discovery and want to see if anyone thinks its unorthodox at all... if anyone is doing this.

I make my briskets the way I have for 20 years or so but last week I made one exception.

Heres what I usually do...

Start with an Untrimmed and rubbed with Popdaddys Butt Glitter Sprinkle (Paprika, onion powder, granulated garlic, cumin blah blah blah) right?

I let it sit in a special aging box in a separate fridge for maybe 6 to 8 hours then pull it out and I sprinkle with Popdaddy's Smokin Stuff (which is close to Montreal Steak Seasoning but home made and has red pepper flakes in it) Hand Pressed into the pasty caked rub from the night before. This is real choke a horse kind of robust seasoning. Large large minced onion, garlic koshur salt and cracked pepper that tips my hat off to west Kerrville, Texas.

I smoke at grate 275 fat side down with no mop, no turn, and depending on anything from my mood to how well I sense the stall is going to go I may let the grate temp go to 255 -260.

At 4 hours I might flip, reseason. Rarely though. At 170 - 175 (taken in the fat wall between the two sections)I re-season with the large grained "Smokin Stuff" and pop in a steam pan and cover in foil and place back into the smoker. Usually I can fit three in each pan.
I then wait out the stall and cook to an Internal of about 204 or so or when my first Brisket hits 200 I wait 30 minutes before I yank it.

Now here is where I did something DIFFERENT!!!!

Right when I was going to wrap them and pop them in the Cambro for at least a 3 hour tour...

The two sections on one of the 5 Briskets I had split on me so I don't know why But I reached for the "Smoking Stuff Seasoning," seasoned the layer of fat between them and wrapped in Butcher paper and double foil like I usually do an threw it in the cooler. I then went ahead and grabbed a knife and cut a pocket in between all of them almost separating them (its easy at this stage) and threw in some seasoning again. The last one I had an accordian style meat injector and just injected the smokin stuff spices along with simple water to allow flow (thats all I had) and made five holes in the fat to hold the spices. I wrapped each like usual and after 3 hours and the party starting as I needed a brisket I would pull it out, open the paper and foil and let it rebarked for 10 minutes. By now the smoker is at my usual Chicken smoking temp of 360.

throughout the party five hours later I sliced as normal.

Now Yall may say its stupid as I scrape that fat away before I slice BUT it was the tastiest I ever had made. And the injector (which has a mouth big enough to inject a half a clove of garlic if I wanted, was as good as the ones I split manually(plus it was not as hot to my hands)

Obviously that extra seasoning and all the moisture including the flood of juices when you split the segments, all went into the wrap and as it rested it drew that flavor, liquid and salt in. It was heaven. Juicy as all get out and tender as usual.

Anyone out there do anything like this. If not... forget I mentioned it.

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