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Default Street Food & Boat Vendor Pad Thai

Originally Posted by mbshop View Post
we have made innovation illegal in the u.s.. better tow a porta potti with you if you sell street food around here. folks got mad when they tried to get rid of the taco trucks around here. stupid city thought folks would go to a restaurant for a quick bite. idiots.
I LOVE street food! Whenever I travel, I always like to try out the street food. I've had soup and dumplings in HK, noodles in Beijing, ice cream sticks at the Great Wall (non-commercial), fish crispies in Taiwan, pineapple sticks, etc. - all street food. Best tacos I had were 20 years ago in Tijuana from a little push cart on the corner (no porta potty). Freshly grilled meat and soft little 5" tortillas with help yourself to the red sauce or the hot sauce, flies buzzing around and all.

I am always amazed at the ingenuity of the vendors in that everything they need is on their cart, bicycle, boat or WHY.... Innovation is great!

I never made it to Thailand, but I'd love to have a plate of Boat Vendor Pad Thai....
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