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Originally Posted by BIGWILLY View Post
"Everything was self-contained. Pack up was fast too. When the police came to clear the square of all the street vendors (illegal) , he had everything locked down and was cycling off in LESS than a minute."

Hit n' Run BBQ!
No kidding! There were all these street vendors in an open pedestrian-only square. Everyone had their wares on blankets. Apparently, street vending is illegal in Shanghai, so the police would come by every so often. One minute everyone was busy plying their wares, the next minute the whole square was one giant fluid motion of blankets being folded and goods packed up. There were no sirens, no yelling, chaos or pandemonium. Looked like everyone had done this countless times before. Anyways, the whole square was empty of vendors in about a minute. Not a trace of them, no garbage, nothing. Amazing!
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