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Originally Posted by ramrod25 View Post
OK - I am so new at this that my total "Q" cooked so far is one set of ribs.

I've been working on getting my el cheapo Brinkman Smoke N Pit all sealed up and learning how to make it work with my BBQ Guru.

Except for too spicy (for me) a rub, my first set of ribs came out really well.

I've learned that Kingsford charcoal makes so much ash that there is no way I could make a 12 hour smoke on a brisket - so I bought some Cowboy Lump this weekend at Lowes, and am looking forward to trying it.

Here is my problem. For the life of me I can't figure out what "PRON" stands for??? I even googled it and didn't come up with anything - so help out a new guy to the world of Q and tell me what it means.

i have an NBBD which is similar to your offset..ash is an issue so you have to clean some of it out every couple hours ..try raising your charcoal grate a bit ..if you turn 90 degrees it will be smaller in width but will be a bit higher
IMO opinion that Cowboy stuff sucks but form your own opinion on it..lump will give you less ash to clean out but will burn down quicker so either way you will be babysitting that thing..a 12 hr burn on cheapo offset is not goign to happen without you doing some type of tending
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