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Originally Posted by MoKanMeathead View Post

How will this work? If I enter a contest and only turn-in chicken and no other categories will my score for the other categories be 20 (1's in all areas from 5 judges)? Will this change in scoring be efftive 1/1/09 or now in the middle of the year? What was the reason for this change?
Wayne we had an issue where a team was DQ' d for late turn in. He received zeros. Some of the invitational organizations questioned that it was not a turn in and could jeopardize a small contest.

Plus we recognized that all other DQ's receive a 1 in one or more criteria. That to be consistent all DQ's should be handled in a similar manner. That is the goal.

If you do not turn in, that is not a DQ and would depending on the computer set up receive zeros or no score at all.

This was designed to make all DQ's a value of 1 and not some 1 and some 0. I know this will hurt the team competing for DAL!

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