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StayDown I like your idea but I'm thinking simple.

H2Oloo, I was thinking something very similar to what you have there only on the inside. I have some 3/8's fiberglass, foil backed 1500* blanket firewall insulation that I am thinking of cutting a piece out of to line inside of the barrel then adding a similar size sheet of 24 gauge sheet steel, just coil the sheet steel enough to slide it inside the barrel and let'er go. I'd cut a notch for the intake before install and drill for the grate standoffs and be done with it....

I'm guessing but I think 24 gauge would be thin enough to conform to the inside of the barrel by it's self, the whole deal wouldn't take up more than 1/4 inch when it's all said and done so the racks should work without issue.
Being a machinist, I thought that was simple!
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